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Are you an Enid Blyton boffin?

Are you an Enid Blyton boffin?


As the writer’s work is brought to life in new CBBC series Malory Towers, how much do you know about Blyton?

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There's a very, very, very good chance you encountered the books of Enid Blyton when you were a child. After all, the British writer penned over 600 books before her death in 1968, and her stories continue to sell in huge numbers today.


Now, CBBC is bringing one of Blyton’s most beloved collections of novels to the box in brand new series Malory Towers. The first episode airs on CBBC on Monday 6 April, but if you have a little one who can’t wait until then, the whole thing is also available to watch right now on BBC iPlayer.

This nostalgic 13-part series set in post-war Britain follows a young girl named Darrell Rivers, who leaves her home for the first time to join Malory Towers, an all-girls’ boarding school. But there’s a dash of mystery to the life she’s leaving behind…


Once at her new school, the escapades come thick and fast. From midnight feasts and games of lacrosse to pranks, ghosts and unforgettable friendships, there are thrills and spills at every turn!


Enid Blyton is one of the the world’s most famous writers, but how much do you know about the author of the Malory Towers series? Take our quiz to find out…



When is Malory Towers on TV?

The first episode of Malory Towers airs on CBBC HD (CH 701) on Monday 6 April at 5.30pm. The whole series is also available to watch now in Catch Up > Channels > BBC iPlayer.

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Image credit: Malory Towers @ WildBrain/ Queen Bert Limited - Photographer: Neil Genower