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A treasure hunt like no other

A treasure hunt like no other

Explorer Darrell Miklos is in pursuit of legendary sunken riches in Cooper’s Treasure on Quest HD

Find out if one of the biggest deep-sea discoveries is about to be uncovered in this gripping series

Cooper’s Treasure, Friday 20 March, 9pm, Quest HD (CH 169)

In 1963, US astronaut Gordon Cooper was tasked with locating Russian submarines and nuclear launch sites as he orbited Earth in the pioneering spacecraft Faith 7.


Cooper was able to carry out his job during the 34-hour mission, but his equipment also picked up something else: signals suggesting there may be hidden treasure lurking deep beneath the ocean waves of the Bahamas.

The astronaut, who passed away in 2004, told only one person about his findings – professional treasure hunter and friend Darrell Miklos. Now, Miklos is staging an audacious attempt to get his hands on the potential bounty in Cooper’s Treasure on Quest HD.


Enlisting a crack team of deep-sea divers, Miklos will use Cooper’s files, photographs and a list of 11 mysterious wrecks to try to unearth these untold riches in the waters of the West Indies.


Should Miklos find what’s thought to be hidden in the depths of the sea, it could be the biggest haul of his career to date. But with time and money to fund the mission in short supply (we’re talking costs of $75,000 a day), choppy waters are the least of his worries.


Want to find out more about some of history’s biggest ever hauls of sunken treasure? Get your snorkel on and hover/click on the icons in the graphic below…



When is Cooper’s Treasure on TV?

Watch the first episode of Cooper’s Treasure at 9pm on Friday 20 March on Quest HD (CH 169).

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