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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Your super-powered summer picks on Nickelodeon!

Your super-powered summer picks on Nickelodeon!

The heroes in a half shell and a whole lot more are here to keep you entertained over the loooong summer holiday

Fancy a Ninja Turtle-tastic season of animated action this summer? It’s totally tubular, dudes

Top summer picks on Nickelodeon  

If there’s one thing kids love more than flat, bouncy surfaces and a well-timed raspberry, it’s fun-filled, action-packed telly!


And, luckily for them, Nickelodeon is bursting with colourful characters and astonishing adventures. Not only that, there’s also the new Nick Play App on your TiVo® box! From the pizza-scoffing, ninjutsu-practising band of teen turtles to young knights in training and a super-powered family sworn to secrecy, there’s plenty for the young ’uns to feast their eyes on this summer…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Available On Demand and on the Nick Play App

This cracking animated series features four reptilian vigilantes fighting crime on the streets of New York. With the half-shelled heroes catching countless baddies, hopping between dimensions and eating vast quantities of pizza, there’s plenty for any action-loving child to sink their teeth into. Catch this show while you can, because a brand new reimagined series, The Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, starts on Nicktoons in September. 


Henry Danger

Henry Danger and Captain Man

Daily from 6pm, Nickelodeon (CH 712)

You’d think being sidekick to the world’s greatest superhero would be all any young boy could wish for. Right – unless you have to keep your super-powered part-time job a secret from your folks. And while some parents may be left scratching their heads as to how a small-town teen can find himself with such a problem, kids are sure to be wide-eyed with wonder at the adventures of Captain Man and his plucky companion Kid Danger.


Knight Squad

Knight Squad

Mondays, 5.30pm, Nickelodeon (CH 712)

If your child prefers secretive aspiring knights to secretive aspiring superheroes, Knight Squad is definitely the show for them. When fierce star pupil Ciara meets cocky new kid Arc, personalities inevitably clash and sparks soon fly. Come along for the ride as the pair take on knight school, harbouring huge secrets as well as an unquenchable desire to become fully fledged warriors and fight for Astoria on the battlefields.


Game Shakers

Game Shakers

Fridays, 6.30pm, Nickelodeon (CH 712)

Sky Whale, the wildly successful game created as a school project, proved to be only the beginning of Babe and Kenzie’s journey. It led to the creation of Game Shakers, Brooklyn's hottest (and youngest) gaming company. With the assistance of good friends Hudson and Triple G, the games take the crew across the world – and they’re also available to play in real life!  

The Thundermans’ Thundermonth

The Thundermans

Weekends until 1 July, 11am-4pm, Nickelodeon (CH 712)

Last, and by no means least, is the superpowered family trying their best to be normal. But with two tempestuous teenage siblings making every effort to outdo each other with their powers, keeping their alter egos secret is harder than it should be. And if the looming end of Nickelodeon’s Thundermonth season has you firing up the Thunder T Signal, fear not – you can still catch your favourite superfamily every weekday at 5pm.

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