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Submerge yourself in some WWII history

Submerge yourself in some WWII history

Back for a second season, WWII: Hell Under The Sea dives deep into the brutal realm of submarine warfare

Some of the most fascinating stories World War II has to offer were buried in the depths of the ocean…

WWII: Hell Under The Sea, Thursday 13 September, 9pm, National Geographic/HD (CH 266/268). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > National Geographic

You learnt all about the airborne Battle of Britain in history at school. You’ve seen shows about the D-Day operation on the beaches and read about the Battle of Stalingrad in the city streets. But what about the more mysterious Second World War clashes that took place hidden from plain view, but were just as pivotal to deciding the outcome?


That’s what returning National Geographic series WWII: Hell Under The Sea dives into, pointing a periscope at the incredible undersea warfare that laid waste to hundreds of battleships and wrecked countless supply boats.


In this six-part series, you’ll find out all about the harsh realities of manning a ship below the sea’s surface, and the intricate tactics that went into deciding their every move.

The new season kicks off with USS Silversides – one of the most successful submarines of the war and sinker of 23 vessels – dealing with depth charges, a jammed torpedo and an emergency appendectomy on crewman George Platter, all while deep in enemy waters attempting to intercept Japanese ships.


The show follows a different crew and story each week, taking us everywhere from Norway to Cuba to North Africa. Learn about the secret Soviet mission that nearly resulted in nuclear war, the German U-Boat that managed a miraculous escape from Allied depth charges and aircraft despite severe damage, the US Commander who placed wagers with his crew about how many ships they could sink and more extraordinary stories that will change the way you think about the Second World War.


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Image credits: WWII: Hell Under The Sea © National Geographic/Parallax Film Productions, Inc/Sean F White, Pacific Fleet Productions Inc.