The best iOS browsers for your iPhone and iPad

Thanks to Apple’s iOS 14 update, you can finally change your default web browser on your iPad and iPhone, here are some of the best ones…

Comparing 7 of the best browsers for Apple iOS devices

Spending all day shopping and reading on the internet can get tiring, especially when adverts leap out at you from more than one screen. These are 7 of the best browsers to bring you peace and privacy. From buttons that delete your search history to new ways of saving and simplifying your reading material, get one of these downloaded on your iPad and iPhone pronto.

Why should you use the same browser on all iOS products?

Using the same browser for all your Apple products, means your search profile can be synchronised over all of them. Choose the best browser for your Mac, as well as your iPhone and iPad, then create an account and sign in on all your devices, so your browsing history, bookmarks, tabs and encrypted passwords can sync up automatically. Everywhere.

Using Safari on all your Apple iOS devices, for example, means iCloud Keychain will can unlock your iPhone, iPad or Mac by remembering your passwords for you. Signed into your iCloud account, using the same Apple ID, you’ll see the web pages open on your other iOS devices, as well as your Reading Lists. And wherever you’re using the Safari web browser, you can use the Handoff feature to continue reading on another screen from where you left off.

Prefer Chrome? Sign into your Google Account on all your devices to personalise your search results and ad settings, as well as autofill your payment details and passwords quicker than you can type.

Microsoft Edge’s newest feature lets you sync your history and open tabs across your signed in devices. It can link your iPhone and iPad with your Windows PC, sharing your Cortana voice-search settings and everything saved in your Password Manager, as well as the usual data you’d expect.

Finally, you can use Opera Browser on all your devices without signing in or creating a special account. When you’ve scanned the QR code to set Opera Browser on your desktop, you can use the Flow feature to share your current tab, links, notes, videos or files from your iPhone and iPad to your Mac or laptop. Not quite the same as syncing, which is automatic, but convenient enough to be worth consideration.


So what’s the best browser for iPad, iPhone and iOS devices?

It really depends on what you’re trying to do. Apple would tell you Safari’s the best browser for their iOS devices. It’s the only one designed and downloaded specially, onto your iPad and iPhone, to protect your data and give you the best experience online. Unlike Opera Browser and Mozilla Firefox, which also use Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention, Safari lets you save links for later.

Opera Browser can’t bookmark webpages, and while it’s possible on Mozilla Firefox, you can’t delete or manage your PC’s bookmarks on your iPhone or iPad as they’re listed separately.

But Safari isn’t suitable for everyone. Your Windows PC or Android mobiles and tablets can’t use it, which is why you might consider Google Chrome or an alternative, if you’re using more devices than your iPad or iPhone.

From DuckDuckGo to Ghostery, plenty more browsers offer you greater privacy. Choose your new browser based on how much secrecy and protection you need, as well as the features you’d enjoy such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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