Home automation systems are the future

Want to control everything in your home from the palm of your hand – even if you’re out and about? Now you can with smart home automation systems.

What is home automation and how does it work?

A home automation system allows you to manage the smart devices where you live. That’s everything from lighting and heating right down to your home security system. All smart devices in a connected home will use WiFi, so instead of manually switching something on or off, you can control them using a mobile app or voice commands.


What are the benefits of home automation?

A smart home lets you keep an eye on things when you’re out and about. You’ll be able to make sure your home’s warm and toasty before you get in, turn on the porch or hallway lights (if there’s someone lurking around), or simply check on your cheeky pets via your smart camera.

The better the tech gets and the more advanced home automation software becomes, the more opportunities for you to modify and control your home from afar.

What kind of smart home devices are there?

In a truly connected home, you can use smart devices such as: speakers, thermostats, lights, washing machines, kettles, windows, cameras and more.

Smart home speakers

The most popular home automation product is like a digital personal assistant that gets smarter the more you use it: make it play music, remind you to send birthday gifts, entertain the kids and answer niggling conundrums. And that’s just the start.

Smart home lighting

Program the lights to dim as evening approaches, change colour when the kids can get up in the morning and turn off to save vital energy when you’re not in the house. Good lighting is cool, smart lighting is better.

Home automation systems

With every smart device you add to your home comes another single app that you have to download and use. Before you know it you’ve got ten different mobile apps on your home screen and it becomes a chore to search for the one you need. That’s where home automation comes in. You can use one app to sync and control most of your devices in one place. Here are some of the best ones in the market…

Smart home ideas to make your life better

The best home automation system won’t baffle you with tech, they simplify your living spaces, save you time, energy and money, and sometimes even make you smile. With the vast array of smart devices on offer, it can be difficult knowing where to start. Let’s help you with that…

Smart homes need smooth broadband plans

It might sound obvious, but the faster your broadband speed, the more smart devices you can seamlessly connect to your WiFi without it affecting speed or performance.

See what kind of speed you can get with us now:

The future of home automation systems

As technology continues to advance, the possibilities for what we’ll be able to do in smart homes are endless. Your home automation system will get even smarter and will never go unused, that’s for sure. But what else could we expect?

Smart parking

It’s likely that there’ll be an increase in smart spaces outside the home, such as smart parking. Some car parks already have a system in place that lets you know how many bays are available on a specific level.

Increased control and customisation

Voice control and the Internet of Things will only get better. The smart home devices we use will probably learn our seasonal routines and be more equipped to get us out of bed when it’s dark and gloomy outside. And hopefully we’ll be able to control all of the devices from one app rather than having to use a mixture of the ones available.

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