Instagram notifications not working? Learn how to fix them

Instant notifications keep your finger on the pulse, but what if your Instagram notifications are not working? Here are our top tips for fixing push notifications on the app.

Reasons for Instagram notifications not working

Instagram push notifications is the name for the messages that flash up on your smartphone telling you about the latest happenings on the social media platform. They let you know that someone has sent you a friend request, that there’s a direct message waiting in your inbox, or you’ve got new comments on your latest post.

We look at some common reasons for Instagram notifications not working and give you some simple solutions to fix them.

1. Check your push notification settings

If you've got issues with your Instagram notifications, one likely reason is that your relevant phone settings are switched off. Check by heading to the notification centre on your device and look at the push notification settings on your phone. Make sure all your device settings turned on.

Yes, all my notifications are turned on …

It looks like this isn’t what’s causing your problem. Continue reading and we’ll talk you through some other possible solutions.

No, some of my device notification settings are off …

Change them to ‘on’. It’s that simple. Enable notifications and see if that solves your issues. You’ll find instructions for how to do this further down the page.

2. Check your phone notification settings for the Instagram app

This is another main reason for Instagram notification issues. It's possible to have general notifications settings for their device turned on, but instant notifications for the social media app turned off. Below, we give you two methods to fix this. Choose the best way for you (depending on your device) and then simply work through the following steps.

3. Clear the cache data from the Instagram application

Another effective solution if Instagram notifications aren’t working. Simply clear the cache on your phone and then log back in to the app. This could fix the glitch with your notification settings.


4. Reinstall Instagram onto your iPhone or Android device

If you've tried everything but you're still having issues with your Instagram notifications not working properly, try deleting the Instagram app from your device entirely and then reinstall it.

When you do this, make sure you’re using the latest version of the Instagram app. Developers frequently release new versions of applications to fix any bugs. So before you reinstall Instagram, head to the Apple app store (for iOS users) or Google Play Store (if you have an Android device), and check to see if there is a new update available.


Why are my Instagram notifications not working even though they are switched on?

So you’ve tried everything above but your Instagram notifications are still not working. Here are some final things to try.

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