Other charges: explained bill by bill

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On your first bill (or first after changing your package)

£35 to switch on your new services. Up to £99.95 to activate each bit of kit. Plus, you might’ve also agreed to these one-off fees:

  • £5 QuickStart home delivery to send your self-install kit direct to your door

  • £30 technician installation to have had a specialist get your Virgin Media setup and running for you

  • £35 package change activated the new service you added to your service (TV, broadband, home phone)

  • £20 service transfer moved your Virgin Media services with you to your new home

On your current monthly bill

You agreed these charges on the phone to us, if you remember:

  • Up to £99.95 to activate your replacement equipment such as a new broadband hub or pair of WiFi boosters

  • £1.75 a month for paper bills through the post, but nothing when you switch to eBilling

  • £7.50 late payment fee shows on your current bill when your previous bill wasn't paid in full when due. You might also see fees for your Direct Debit stopping or your cheque not clearing

  • Technician appointments are free, but you might be charged when: We moved equipment such as cables, ducts and set top boxes Our equipment was damaged, misused or tampered with We repaired something not owned by Virgin Media

  • £10 for a missed appointment with our technicians, for any reason

On your final bill

These charges would’ve been mentioned when you told us you were leaving:

Early disconnection fee

Your early disconnection fee was charged because you didn’t finish your minimum contract. It’s calculated by how long you had left and which services you had

At least £50 for each bit of kit

At least £50 for each bit of kit not given back to us within 80 days of your services ending. This is to replace the equipment you were asked to return