Connect to WiFi Hotspots

Virgin Media Connect app

Connect to Virgin Media WiFi hotspots by downloading the Virgin Media Connect app. Set it once and the app will remember you and automatically connect you to speedy WiFi when you're in range of a WiFi hotspot.

How do I connect to Virgin Media WiFi hotpots?

  1. First, download the Virgin Media Connect app

  2. Sign in using your My Virgin Media account details

  3. Once signed in you will automatically connect to WiFi when you're in range of a WiFi hotspot.

WiFi hotspots gives customers free WiFi access to 20 million hotspots internationally so you’ll rarely be without WiFi.


  1. Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot.

  2. Turn on Personal Hotspots and set a password for the hotspot.

The name of your hotspot is the name you have given to your phone.


  1. Go to Settings > Mobile Hotspot & Tethering.

  2. Turn on Mobile Hotspot, then set the name of your network and set a password.

How to connect your devices to a Wi-Fi hotspot

To connect a device to your phone’s WiFi hotspot, the process is the same as connecting to any other Wi-Fi network.

Simply, select the name of your phone's network, enter the password, and connect.

For more help on connecting a device to a WiFi network see our guide on connecting devices.

If you’re in the UK you’ll see 'Virgin Media' in your list of available WiFi networks. At airports, you'll see 'arq_wifi_x'.

If you’re outside of UK, you’ll see a range of network names, but will only connect automatically to those set up by the Virgin Media Connect app.

A fair usage policy applies, but our WiFi hotspots are great for sharing photos and keeping in touch on the move.

You may find some content is blocked when using a WiFi hotspot. Virgin Media has a responsibility to make sure the content accessed is suitable for young people to access themselves, to protect their safety.


Simply uninstall the Virgin Media Connect app and you'll automatically stop connecting to our WiFi hotspots.


To stop automatically connecting to our WiFi hotspots, you’ll need to delete the Virgin Media WiFi profile on your device.

To do this:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management

  2. Choose the WiFi network profile to remove main Virgin Media WiFi profile

  3. Select Remove Profile

If you opted into More WiFi, you'll also need to remove the More WiFi networks profile.

Why can't I connect to the WiFi hotspots?

Uh oh! Follow these troubleshooting tips to get you back online.

Double check your device’s settings has WiFi switched on.

Check your Virgin Media WiFi hotspots account status is active by going to settings within the Virgin Media Connect app.

If you need to set up the hotspots on your device again, you can do this in the Settings section of the Virgin Media Connect app.

How do I connect to Virgin Media WiFi on London underground?

From 30th March, Virgin Media will no longer host WiFi on the London Underground. The good news is, if you’ve got a SIM with O2, giffgaff or Tesco Mobile, you’ll still be able to connect to “WiFi Extra”. EE, BT, Three & Vodafone users can connect via their respective WiFi Signal. The connection should be automatic but can be manually selected via the phones WiFi Settings. Unfortunately, this service is not available through Virgin Mobile.

Following Virgin Media and O2’s merger in June 2021, we're starting to move all Virgin Mobile customers over to O2’s range of plans. We started in March and will complete by end of December 2023. If you’re with Virgin Mobile, once you have been moved over to O2 you'll be able to re-connect to WiFi Extra through your WiFi settings. Before this time, if you wish to continue using WiFi in the London Underground, please call us on 789 from your Virgin Mobile number. If you already have a SIM with O2, follow the step-by-step instructions here to connect.

As part of a huge connectivity expansion project, 4G & 5G services have started to be rolled out across the Underground Network so O2 and Virgin Mobile customers travelling between stations and on trains can now enjoy 5G coverage, meaning they can access high-speed mobile connectivity on the go. 4G and 5G services have already been rolled out on the Central Line between Queensway and Holland Park, and on the Northern Line between Kentish Town and Archway. 4G and 5G mobile coverage will continue to be rolled out across the Tube network in the weeks and months ahead and due to complete across the whole London Underground network in 2024.

WiFi hotspots frequently asked questions

WiFi hotspots are always unsecured connections, so you and potential hackers are hanging out in the same network bubble. It's not difficult for one to tap into your activity and sniff out your personal information. So, even if a hot spot requires a password or guides you through a log-in screen, you're still at risk.

Yes, WiFi hotspots are free to use.

Personal hotspots on your phone can provide internet access to other devices. Setting up a personal hotspot is simple.

Apple devices can connect up to 5 devices. Most Android devices can connect up to 10 devices at a time.