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Compromised mailbox alert

You’ll see a compromised mailbox alert if we suspect a third party is using one or more of your Virgin Media email addresses to send spam or junk emails. This article gives advice on how to fix the issue. *

What has happened?

We work with a number of not-for-profit organisations across the banking industry and security sectors that collate information on devices across the Internet that appear to be compromised and sending spam or junk mails.

It's probable that the person or organisation sending these emails obtained your username and password from a computer or device you've used which has potentially been infected with a virus or malware.

This could be a computer or device such as a tablet used inside or outside your home.

How can the issue be fixed?

We're here to help and if you have a basic knowledge of computers and connected devices there are a number of steps you can take to secure your mailbox and home network. Please apply these steps in order:

The easiest way to do this is by using an online virus scanner; some suggested sites are;

If you are using an Android or iOS device, you can find a variety of virus scanners on the App Store.

Should all anti-virus scans come back as clean, it is possible that the unauthorised third party is using a username and password that you may have used somewhere else on the Internet, and they’ve attempted to login to your Virgin Media mail account to see if the same username and password are in use for your email. Ensuring you have a completely unique password for your Virgin Media mail account will ensure this doesn’t happen again.


Once you’ve ensured that your devices are free from infection, you should change your My Virgin Media password and security question to block any potential unauthorised access to your Virgin Media email address.

Sign in to My Virgin Media. Remember your username may not be the same as your Virgin Media Mail email address.

Change your password to by clicking the My Profile tab and selecting Change Password. Please make sure you don't use the same password on other online sites you login to such as Facebook or Amazon.

Please see How to choose a strong and secure password for tips on choosing a new password. We recommend using the maximum 10 characters for your new password.

Then update your security details by choosing a new Security question and answer. This will prevent anyone resetting your password without your knowledge.

If you use an email program on your device you’ll need to enter your new email password next time you check your Virgin Media email.


It is important to provide an up to date contact email address to enable us to advise you of any significant issues that may affect the use of your Virgin Media services. To update your contact email address simply sign in to My Virgin Media and select My Profile.

In addition, it’s important that you check your mail forwarding rules to ensure that your emails aren’t being forwarded without your knowledge.

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your My Virgin Media username and password
  • Click the System menu icon Settings on the right side of the menu bar and then click the Settings menu item
  • Expand the Email option
  • Select Auto Forward

This will display email addresses set to receive forwarded emails from your Virgin Media mailbox. If there is an email address you don’t recognise, and which you didn’t intend to forward your email to, then please select it and delete the forwarding rule.

Where can I find further information and advice?

If you’d like further advice then our forum community will be happy to help. Just visit and join the conversation on our Security Matters board.

You can find general security advice and articles on other vulnerabilities by checking Security Hub at

* These fixes are provided as a courtesy and we are not responsible for any problems encountered whilst applying these steps and we are not able to provide any technical support for such problems.

** These links to external sites are provided as a courtesy and we’re not responsible for the content of these sites or any problems encountered while applying these steps. We can’t provide any technical support for such problems.

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