How to search on Virgin TV

Grab the remote now...

How to browse on Virgin TV

Grab the remote and tap:

  • My Shows – scroll to your TV box’s Suggestions and see shows, similar to what you watch, and likely to hit the spot.
  • Up arrow – browse the Discovery bar, using the left and right arrows, for movie and boxset recommendations in New This Week, as well as what’s In My Shows, shows You Might Like and what’s Popular On Now.
  • Up arrow – go to Search & Discover > TV & Movies > Pick of the Week.
  • Up arrow – choose Search & Discover > What To Watch Now, and see if the Popular TV, Kids, Sport or Movies channels can tempt you to tune in live today.

See the full guide to using the TV remote if your curious about all the buttons. Or read on for more you can do.

How to search for a show on Virgin TV

  1. Get a hold of the remote and tap Home.
  2. Go to Search & Discover > Discover TV & Movies.
  3. Start watching the Pick of the Week. Or new telly, added just this week – shows and films are listed for you by genre: in Comedy, Kids, Drama.

Overwhelmed by choice? Let’s narrow down your options and refine your search these ways…

How to Voice Control & Search Virgin TV 360

  1. Hold down the 360 remote’s microphone button.
  2. Say what you want to see. Easy.

Rather than typing, call up menus or try speaking out loud the name of the:

  • Channels or recordings you fancy watching.
  • Movie, series, actor or director – the TV box will show you what’s available On Demand, Live TV, Catch Up and all the favourite apps you get with your package or subscribe to (Prime Video, Netflix).
  • Genre – ask for “Kids shows”, perhaps “Reality TV”, “Football” or “Hospital dramas
  • TV app – saying “iPlayer” opens BBC iPlayer, for example
  • Day and time you want to check on the TV Guide – “Monday 9pm” or “Saturday afternoon” – to save favourite shows for later, use the voice commands “Add to watch list” or “Record

And while you’re enjoying your programme, command your Voice Control remote to:

  • Give you “Information” or “Info” about the show
  • Put “Subtitles On” or off
  • Rewind “5 minutes backwards” or skip “5 minutes forwards
  • Start over” or “Start again” to restart your On Demand or Replay show from the beginning.

Check out this video for more information on TV36O remote features.

How to create a WishList

When you’re looking for good telly to watch later, you’ll be glad you set your TV box to record your favourite actors, directors and shows…

How to browse using your mobile, tablet or laptop

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