How to retune channels on a Virgin TV box

Think you might be missing some TV channels? Learn how to retune channels on a Virgin Media TV box.

Why does my TV need to be retuned?

If you find some of your Virgin Media channels are not available, the first thing you should try is retuning the box. There are a few reasons why you might need to do this.

First-time installation

When you first set up Virgin Media TV, the box will perform a scan and tune all your channels for you. This will happen automatically during the installation process. Simply attach the box to your TV ariel and the Hub, and the installation process will do the rest. For more information, check out our guide on how to set up TV.

Recently moved home

You may need to retune the Virgin Media TV box when you move home. Retuning should solve any TV signal problems and restore any of the channels you lost in the move.

TV channels may have changed number

TV service providers sometimes like to move their channels to a different number. When a channel moves, you’ll need to retune the Virgin Media TV box before you can continue watching it.

Channels not available on Virgin TV

It’s possible the channel you’re trying to watch is not currently available on Virgin Media TV. Check out the full list of available channels on Virgin Media TV.

Extra TV channels have been added

Missing the latest channels? When a new channel comes on air, you’ll need to retune the box to receive it.

Outdated system

Updating to the latest version of the box's software will include fixes to any bugs and issues that might be impacting your service. Simply accept any prompts to upgrade and you can make sure the box is running latest software version. Or, why not update to Virgin Media TV’s latest box? Shop the new 360 box.

How to retune Virgin TV

If you think you might be missing some channels, you can retune the Virgin Media TV box by following these steps.

Step by step on retuning Virgin TV channels

  1. Press Home on the remote

  2. Select Help & Settings

  3. Select Help

  4. Select TiVo box & Remote

  5. Select TV Care on TiVo

  6. Select TiVo Missing Channels

If retuning hasn’t restored all your channels, check the broadband connection in your area. If everything looks okay, you can try a box reset.

Still having problems with your TV channels? Find out what else you can do if you’re missing channels.