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It’s the gift that keeps on giving: we’ve got some of your festive favourites to rent for just 99p until 31 December

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By now, you’ve probably spent a fortune on Christmas presents, novelty jumpers and weirdly flavoured crisps that taste nothing like the festive feast pictured on the label.


But even if you’re all shopped out, you can still get your hands on some hilarious Christmas movies for less than the price of a coffee. Virgin Movies has lowered its prices on a range of great films for you to enjoy over the holidays. Here are some of the best.

Home Alone

Available to rent for 99p on Virgin Movies until 31 December. Also available in HD. Cert PG

The idea that, amid all the madness, a family could head off on their Christmas holiday and accidentally leave a child home alone is all too plausible. But the continuing success of Home Alone is due to a perfect storm of great performances, script and direction, as well as that killer premise. Macauley Culkin is a entertaining lead as young Kevin, Catherine O’Hara is perfect as his worried mum and Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern make brilliant bad guys as the robbers trying to break into his house. There is also probably the best score of any Christmas movie courtesy of the great John “Star Wars” Williams. Merry Christmas you filthy animals…


Die Hard

Available to rent for 99p on Virgin Movies until 31 December. Also available in HD. Cert 15

Yes, it IS a Christmas movie. It’s the classic festive tale: bad guys crash a party, so a family man must eject the unwelcome guests and get the holiday season back on. OK, so Die Hard is not the most cuddly of Christmas movies, but its heart is in the right place – and its gun is taped to its back with Christmas tape, and that has to count for something. Bruce Willis has never been better and Alan Rickman (in his feature film debut, if you can believe it!) instantly gave us one of the all-time great villains. It’s also arguably the best action movie of all time, and that makes a nice change from all the jingle bells.


Bad Santa 2

Available to rent for 99p on Virgin Movies until 31 December. Also available in HD. Cert 15

If you find most Christmas films a bit too cute, this is the perfect antidote. Billy Bob Thornton returns as the world’s most foul-mouthed Santa Claus, who uses his seasonal engagements to case people’s homes so he can burgle them with his elf-slash-accomplice Marcus (Tony Cox). But when he heads to Chicago to rob a charity, he runs into complications in the form of his old friend Thurman (Brett Kelly), new love interest Diane (Christina Hendricks) and, worst of all, his equally amoral mum, Sunny (Kathy Bates). Expect him to wind up at the top of the naughty list… again.


Love Actually

Available to rent for 99p on Virgin Movies until 31 December. Also available in HD. Cert 15

Why tell just one Christmas love story when you can tell a bajillion? That’s the approach Richard Curtis took in this festive favourite, which gathers many of the world’s best actors and makes them awkwardly declare their love for one another in various charming ways. It’s tough going for cynics, but the rest of us will find plenty to enjoy, whether it’s bereaved dad Liam Neeson’s attempts to connect with his stepson or Martin Freeman meeting his dream girl in, er, unusual circumstances. Time to watch it again and remember why you love it, actually.



Available to rent for 99p on Virgin Movies until Christmas Eve. Also available in HD. Cert U

There are few things in the world more wholesome than a primary school nativity play. Unless, that is, you’re a teacher like Martin Freeman’s Paul Maddens, whose exaggerations about the scale of his pupils’ festive performance get completely out of control. Soon he’s flying around the world with his teaching assistant, the hilarious Mr Poppy (Marc Wootton), in tow. With fantastic child performances from Mr Maddens’ whole class and plenty of heart beneath the farcical misunderstandings, the story builds to one of the most feelgood finales of the entire Christmas canon. Great tunes, too.


Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger

Available to rent for 99p on Virgin Movies until 31 December. Also available in HD. Cert U

In this charming sequel to the Christmas hit, Mr Madden has moved to LA and left his class without a teacher – until David Tennant’s anxious Donald Peterson turns up. Mr Poppy persuades him to enter the class in a Song For Christmas competition, but there will be major hurdles to overcome first, like competition from Donald’s nasty twin brother Roderick (also Tennant) who has always been the successful one in the family. Once again, there’s loads of physical humour to keep the kids laughing, and an uplifting message for the adults.


Office Christmas Party

Available to rent for 99p on Virgin Movies until 31 December. Also available in HD. Cert 15

Expect extreme drunkenness, ill-advised hookups and photocopying of rude bits. But enough about the antics of Kevin from accounts: that’s also what’s on offer in this all-star office comedy. Jennifer Aniston plays the CEO of a struggling tech firm who orders her underachieving brother (TJ Miller) to cut costs at his branch. Instead, he decides to throw the mother of all Christmas parties, and things swiftly get out of hand. With a cast that includes Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, Kate McKinnon and many more comedy geniuses, this office party is guaranteed to be more action-packed and outrageous than even Kevin could imagine.


The Holiday

Available to rent for 99p on Virgin Movies until 31 December. Also available in HD. Cert 12

It’s a dream scenario for single girls: arrange a house swap so you can travel to an exciting new part of the world, then meet an interesting man while you’re there. Ideally, one who looks like Jude Law. In this fun romcom, Kate Winslet exchanges her Cotswolds cottage for Cameron Diaz’s LA mansion, and vice versa. The plot gives us two romances for the price of one (and a bargain price at that!) with great performances from Jack Black, Eli Wallach and Rufus Sewell, and a fantastically Christmassy sense of optimism. But be warned, you might end up booking your next getaway before the end of the film.

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