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Keep the family cool this summer with Virgin Media’s lightning-fast and ultra-reliable WiFi

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The countdown is on! With the kids’ summer holidays fast approaching, it’s important to have the best broadband available throughout your home. From entertaining all the family and helping with school projects, a strong and reliable WiFi connection will help keep your household running in tip-top shape.  


And there’s no need to look further than Virgin Media. Intelligent WiFi technology is built into our Hub 3, 4 and 5 routers as standard. With features including better WiFi coverage and automatic WiFi fixes, Intelligent WiFi is designed to automatically sort WiFi issues around your home.


Our Hub 5 router also supports WiFi 6 AKA the latest advancement in WiFi technology. The router supports multi-gigabit speeds and comes with a 2.5Gbps ethernet port, working alongside our ultrafast broadband network to deliver an efficient and supercharged connection straight to WiFi 6 compatible devices.


Broadband customers can enjoy exclusive access to our WiFi guarantee with WiFi Max, our promise to deliver download speeds of at least 30Mbps in every room or get £100 bill credit. It comes at no extra cost for customers with a Gig1 Fibre Broadband, Volt or Ultimate Oomph package, while M50 to M500 Fibre Broadband holders can add it on for £8 a month.


Our future-ready Gig1 Fibre Broadband delivers a faster than ever connection at home, with average download speeds of 1,130Mbps – that’s 16 times faster than the national average – enabling households to do more online at the same time and on multiple devices. Plus, we’re doubling our upload speeds from 52Mbps to 104Mbps from Thursday 1 June.


Want to know more? Read on to find out how to make your lightning-fast broadband more reliable at home with our tried and tested tips and tricks, to get you and your family ready for a summer to remember.


Believe it or not, your router’s location can have a tremendous effect on your broadband’s performance. For maximum signal, place it in a central location and in as high a position as possible, away from pesky blackspots.


Having your hub on a shelf in your kitchen is going to emit a stronger connection than at the bottom of the garden (although the fairies would be pleased!). And always keep it indoors in a cool place and out of bright sunlight to prevent it from overheating.


We don’t mean giving it a dust either. Regularly check for and remove any unauthorised devices that are connected to your router that might be slowing it down. This could include unused gadgets in the spare room, work laptops on the weekend and even your neighbour’s smartphone (that’s how strong our broadband is!).


Plus, the Virgin Media Connect App lets you pause WiFi to any approved device when required – perfect for the kids’ tablets when it’s lights out.


 How to download the Virgin Connect app


  1. Head on over to either the Google Play Store or App Store and search for Virgin Media Connect.
  2. Tap install.

Having a strong and unique password is not only a smart move for your online accounts but for your WiFi too. Even the least experienced hackers can access a relatively secure network, meaning that they can piggyback off your broadband and slow down the connection.


And if you currently don’t have a password for your router at all then it’s time to add one. Chances are you’re probably the neighbourhood hot spot!


Manually restarting your router clears any glitches or memory issues that could be slowing down your connection. Just remember to leave it off for 10 seconds to reboot properly. And for extra reliability, the Virgin Media Connect App is at the tip of your fingertips.


You can run a super-intelligent WiFi home scan to detect snags and speed up your connection around the house, and all without leaving the sofa. Simple!


How to reboot your hub


  1. On the back of your hub, turn the A/C power switch into the off position (with the “O” pressed in).
  2. Leave it off for about 10 seconds.
  3. Turn the hub back on by turning the A/C power switch into the on position (with the “I” pressed in).
  4. While you’re waiting, check over your equipment for faulty or damaged cables, which can cause problems with your network and slow down your internet speed. Also make sure your cables are tightly connected to the hub (finger-tight is all that is required, do not over-tighten as this could break the connector).
  5. The hub can take five to 10 minutes to reboot. You’ll know the connection is back up and running when the white light on the front of the hub is on. The white light is at the front for a Hub 3 and a Hub 5. For the Hub 4 this will be the light ring around the hub.


Signals from your other gadgets such as Bluetooth-enabled speakers and baby monitors can interrupt your WiFi connection. This is because they interfere with other signals at the same frequency.


Therefore, you should avoid putting your hub close to other electronic gadgets to ensure a smooth and reliable connection can be reached at every corner of your home.  


Still having issues? No worries, if you have any problems that can’t be sorted with the above tips or on the app, give us a shout. Our engineers are always on hand to help, with servicing and repairs included as standard.


You can also check the Virgin Media Service Status in your local area here.


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Eligible Virgin Fibre areas only. WiFi Guarantee available with M50 broadband or faster. £8p/m extra or included with Gig1 or Volt. At least 30Mbps download speeds in every room or £100 one-off credit. Up to 3 WiFi Pods if needed. Exclusions & legal stuff apply.

WiFi Guarantee with WiFi Max: Available to Virgin Media residential broadband customers on M50 broadband or faster. Excludes Essential broadband customers. Existing Intelligent WiFi Plus customers will be individually informed when they are moved to WiFi Max. £8 a month add-on or at no extra cost for Ultimate Oomph, Gig1 and Volt customers. WiFi Max is only available to order once your Virgin Media broadband service has been activated. If you don’t get download speeds of at least 30Mbps in every room, if needed we’ll provide up to 3 WiFi Pods. If that still doesn’t do the trick we’ll give you a one-off credit of £100 off your next bill. Guarantee and eligibility for pods does not cover broadband faults or network outages. Pods subject to stock availability, require self-installation via QuickStart and can be delivered via Click & Collect or optional home delivery (£5 delivery charge may apply). Pod type provided may differ from image shown. Improved WiFi performance compared to use without pods. Home environment, device limitations, number of users and time of day may affect WiFi performance. User speed varies and depends on Pod/Hub location, as well as broadband package choice. Equipment remains property of Virgin Media. Exclusions and further terms apply.