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Netflix is a beautiful thing. With just a few button pushes, you’ve got access to heaps of complete TV series, films, documentaries, kids’ shows and more…

Find Netflix on channel 204

Netflix – the only place (probably) where you can watch an hour of bobbing jellyfish set to some seriously atmospheric music, which is sure to relax you (it’s called Jellies, since you ask). And we get it – with so much choice, picking what to watch can take forever. So it helps to have a few hacks to hand. That’s why we’ve put together the little guide below to take you from stressful streaming to sweet, streamy dreams. Streamy-dreamy-weamy-woo. Or something…

If you have a TiVo® box or a Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo®, did you know that you can watch Netflix through your telly with our brilliant app? That’s right – no need to huddle over that laptop!

Ready to go? Then read our top six Netflix tips…


1. Set yourself up, let yourself loose

First things first, here’s how to get stuck in:

• Press Home on your remote
• Select Apps & Games
• Select All Apps
• Select Netflix

If you’re already a Netflix subscriber, you can also access the app through Search & Discover or by pressing Red on channel 204. Just sign in with your existing login and start watching. And you’ll only have to log in the first time you use it.

If you’re new to Netflix, you can now easily add a Netflix membership to your Virgin Media bill. Simply head here to find out more. To use it, you’ll need to subscribe use the app on your TiVo® box. The easiest way to do this is by going to You can also subscribe using the Netflix app on your TiVo® box in Apps & Games.

2. Searching couldn’t be simpler

Already know what you want to watch? Or got a particular actor in mind? Rather than scrolling aimlessly, just press the up arrow on your remote until you see a little magnifying glass. Press OK and you can type in whatever you want to search for.

In fact, because Netflix is fully integrated on TiVo®, you can search without even going into the app. With Smart Search on Virgin TV, not only will it go through Virgin TV’s Catch Up and On Demand services, but it’ll search the entire Netflix library too! Just select Search & Discover from your Home (or the search bars on the On Demand and Catch Up menus) and type in the first letters of the show you’re after.

3. Use My List to bookmark shows

Sometimes you spot something great while scrolling through the Netflix app but you’re not quite in the mood for it at that moment. To bookmark it for later, select the title and then select Add To My List. Your List will be one of the first to appear on the Netflix home page.

4. Changed your mind? Don’t panic!

If you’ve started watching something, or had a sudden change of heart and want to watch something else, don’t freak out and hit the Home button. That’ll take you out of the app and all the way back to the Virgin TV home screen. Just take a breath and press the Back button on your remote to go back to the Netflix main menu.

If you press Back again, you can access various options including Search, Netflix Kids and Account Information.

5. Take control through your mobile

If your TiVo® box is connected to your home network, you can use the Netflix app on a mobile device around the house, as long it’s connected to the same home network. That’s handy!

6. Make Netflix one of your favourite apps

Chances are, it already is! But we mean literally. If you use Netflix regularly, you can add it to My Favourite Apps to access it quicker. To do this:

• Highlight Netflix in Apps & Games
• Press Thumbs Up to add it as a favourite.

If you change your mind, you can remove it as a favourite app by pressing Thumbs Down instead.

So what are you waiting for? Dive straight into your app!

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Netflix: Netflix streaming membership required. If you’re new to Netflix, you’ll need to register and accept Netflix’s terms and conditions of use. Existing Netflix customers can access the service through their TiVo® or Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo®.