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As a founding partner of Internet Matters, Virgin Media is proudly supporting Safer Internet Day 2021 to play our part in helping children feel safe when exploring #AnInternetWeTrust online

By Virgin TV Edit

For the current generation of children, digital technology and the unparalleled opportunities it can provide is unlike anything their forebears (and increasingly creaky-kneed parents!) could have ever imagined having at their disposal. As such, monitoring their activity and steering them away from misinformation and “fake news” is critical.

Safer Internet Day
 on Tuesday 9 February aims to inspire a conversation about using digital technology safely, responsibly and positively in order to create a better internet for young people the world over. Whether you’re an aforementioned creaky-kneed parent, family member, teacher, carer or policymaker, everyone has their part to play in ensuring digital tech and the vast array of opportunities it provides remain a force for good.

And with young people across the world being increasingly reliant on digital tech and online tools to learn and stay in touch with friends, of late, the eleventh Safer Internet Day is the perfect time to get the conversation going and help young people feel safer and more responsible when exploring an internet we can all trust.


Having expert advice and the right devices will help ensure you and your little ones remain ahead of the game when it comes to online safety. Internet Matters provide handy guides for children of all ages, from toddlers who “tap” the screen with their fists to teens who have grown a permanent set of earphones.


So find out all you need to know about Safer Internet Day here along with free expert, age-specific advice, and get exploring a safe, trustworthy internet in no time.

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