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Service and Repairs Iconic Pop Culture Handymen




Got the wrong kind of sparks flying? Our peace-of-mind repairs service is there when you need it

Service and repairs at no extra cost

In an ideal world, everything would run perfectly and smoothly all of the time. But like every good cop show, it’s always good to have back-up. So, if something goes wrong with your Virgin Media equipment, we can get you back up and running at no extra cost*.


If there’s a glitch, we’ll send one of our lovely engineers as soon as we can. Just so you know, damage from misuse and mistreatment isn’t included.  It’s all part of the Virgin Media service, and that’s why we won’t charge you a penny. Find out how to contact us here.

Speaking of engineers, we’ve been thinking about the most iconic handymen and women on TV. Just imagine if one of these guys turned up at your door…


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* excludes misuse and mistreatment