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From better WiFi coverage to device security, discover how we’ve joined forces with Plume to make your home broadband go the extra mile

By Virgin TV Edit

We’ve teamed up with tech expert Plume to bring you HomePass – a WiFi booster like no other that makes your current home WiFi faster, smarter and more reliable. It works with any broadband provider, so you don’t need to be hooked up to Virgin Media to get in on the action.


Want to know how HomePass can work for you? Watch the video below, and then read on to learn more.


Boost your WiFi, without switching broadband providers

HomePass works with the WiFi you’ve got to give you better coverage and faster speeds around the home. It’ll constantly learn how you and your household use WiFi and adapt to give you the most reliable connection for your needs, every day.


Device security for all connected devices

HomePass is designed to stay on guard and help keep you and your family safe from unwanted ads, hacks or threats. It’ll also alert you to suspicious activities and put at-risk devices in quarantine.


Keep an eye on your home with motion detection

The clever motion detection feature rallies all devices connected to HomePass to become your motion sensors. Use the mobile app to set alerts for unexpected movement in the house when you’re out or when you want notification of people getting home safely.


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You’re in control the HomePass app

With the nifty HomePass app, you can manage all the devices connected to your WiFi – and change any settings and permissions. Plus, the app will help you get set up in no time and automatically download any updates and new features for you, for free.


Easy parental controls

Set individual profiles and personalise the experience for everyone in the house – like filtering inappropriate content and freezing your kids’ devices after their bedtime.


What you’ll get with HomePass

  • Faster, more reliable WiFi

  • Extended WiFi coverage to WiFi blackspots
  • Device security for all connected devices

  • Motion detection for extra peace of mind

  • Parental controls and personalised profiles keep you in charge

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Need extra support?

The friendly team at Plume is on hand to help – just give them a ring on 0808 168 7581.

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