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The theatres may be closed, but panto is here to stay. “Oh no it isn’t”, some may mutter – to which we say: “Oh, yes, it is!”

By Virgin TV Edit

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there was a giant pine tree – so tall it towered over the snow-capped mountains surrounding it. Every December, millions of twinkling lights magically grew on its huge branches and 25 wonderful gifts appeared underneath. And 2020 was a year like no other.


That was until the Wicked Queen turned up. With a flick and a swish of her crooked wand, the tree withered, the lights extinguished, and all the presents vanished… it seemed that all was lost. And so, the hunt began for a hero. 

This year, we’re bringing back the charm and festive fun of panto like never before. With a cast of real actors, alongside Big Zuu, his faithful Virgin engineer sidekick, Lauren, and their trusty steed – the Virgin Van – we’re going to break the curse cast on the great pine, and save Christmas.


Over the next 25 days, Big Zuu and Lauren will scour the land for the stolen presents, so they can be gifted to their intended recipients. (That’s you guys.) Let’s just hope they don’t run into any wicked twists and turns along the way…  


Head to our 25 Days of Christmas competition page to enter. You only need to enter once.


Stay tuned to this page to watch as our very special panto unfolds.


Let’s do Christmas

Count down to Christmas with prizes to be won every day, plus all your TV listings and tips on what to watch and play!

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