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2020 may have taken away the opportunity to cheer on-stage heroes – and boo the baddies – so we’re bringing the panto to you

By Virgin TV Edit

It’s no secret that this year’s been a bit of a stinker, but it’s not going to stop us from getting some deserving talent back to work. This panto season, our cast is here to tell the tale of the Wicked Queen who stole Christmas, in a nationwide, hybrid cinema-stage production.


Let’s meet the team who will be bringing this story to life…

Big Zuu


Lauren Jewell, Virgin Media field tech engineer


Penelope Rawlins, Wicked Queen


Juliet Chambers, Ice Queen


Natasha Martin Shaw, Genie


Gala Wesson, Gretel

Pavan Maru, Aladdin

Mike Aherne, Santa


Suzette Pluck, Golden Goose

Ellis Kerkhoven, Hansel


Let’s do Christmas

Count down to Christmas with prizes to be won every day, plus all your TV listings and tips on what to watch and play!

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