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Virgin Media celebrates the power of music in this latest film

By Virgin Media

In our new film we tell a timeless tale of intergenerational connection between father and daughter through their shared love of music – all made possible by our lightning-fast broadband. And you get to watch it before it airs on TV, right here.


When a budding artist (played by musician Lava La Rue), stumbles across an old recording by her father, two generations are brought together through a mutual appreciation and love of music. Inspired by the 90s jungle recording, and helped by the power of Virgin Media’s ultrafast network, she decides to remix the track and then perform it live on stage, in dedication to her dad. 


As the UK’s fastest major broadband provider, we want to empower people to connect with the music they love, their heritage, their friends and family, and all the things that matter to them. Find out more about our broadband speeds


Watch the new video below


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