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This year Carers Week is themed around Make Caring Visible, Valued and Supported. Discover what it means and everything you need to know

By Virgin Media

Carers Week was created to put the country’s unpaid carers under the spotlight, proving how important the work they do is, as well as highlighting the many challenges they face daily. Incredibly, there are over 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK, with two out of three people set to become unpaid carers at some point in their lives. These figures were further exacerbated by the pandemic.


Carers Week is also aimed at those with caring responsibilities who may not see themselves as carers to encourage them to identify themselves as such – as well as providing access to vital information and support. That’s why, in 2022, Carers Week (Monday 6 June to Sunday 12 June) has the campaign theme Make Caring Visible, Valued and Supported.


The campaign sees thousands of individuals and organisations come together to run activities and raise the profile of carers in the UK. Among its main aims is to create a supportive community of connected carers across the UK, as well as highlighting the challenges of caring and bringing together different organisations offering support.


Unpaid carers often find themselves socially isolated and feeling invisible when looking after loved ones. That’s why Virgin Media O2 has partnered with Carers UK over the course of five years, to help make life better by providing meaningful connections for one million carers by 2025.


Here’s how you can get involved in Carers Week…


Amplify the message

There are ways you can help promote the visibility of and support for unpaid carers. You can share your support on social media using #CarersWeek; contact your local MP – which you can do easily by clicking on this online form – to let them know it’s Carers Week; or encourage your workplace or other local organisations to show support. If you’d like to make some noise about Carers Week, Add Your Voice on the Carers Week website.


Host an activity

Want to host an activity for the cause? The restrictions we lived under during the pandemic provided more options to bring people together, regardless of their physical location. If your workplace has reduced access or has closed its doors altogether, you can host an online event over Zoom, Facebook Live or Microsoft Teams. You could run a Q&A, host a quiz, or organise a book club. To check out some more ideas about hosting, you can download guides from the Carers Week website.


Reach out to local carers

Many carers aren’t aware that there is support and advice available for them to access. There are resources on the Carers Week website, which you can send them the link to, or print out on their behalf if they don’t have a computer. There’s also lots more information available on the Carers UK website, too.


Virgin Media O2 & Carers UK

We’re committed to improving the digital skills and confidence of two million people, which includes our partnership with Carers UK. We want to improve unpaid carers’ access to digital tools, support and resources to make caring easier and more sustainable, as well as connecting them to their communities, through the Jointly app and the Tribe project.


Supporting the digital transformation of Carers UK will give more carers access to core support services, alongside other essential facilities. 

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