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In challenging times, a little assistance is always welcome. Here’s how Virgin Media is helping customers with money-saving, great-value services and offers 

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We know people are feeling the pressure right now, and we’re determined to help. It’s important for people and businesses to stay connected  – whether that’s at home, at work or  on the go – and we’re working hard as always to make sure you can rely on those connections. But that’s not all.


Read on to find out what we’re doing to help support our customers and communities, the services and tools we offer at no extra cost, and where to get help if you’re struggling with your bills.


Keeping our most vulnerable customers connected

We know that there are some people who need additional support and we’re committed to being there to help. Our Essential Broadband plan is targeted specifically at new and existing customers receiving Universal Credit. It delivers worry-free, affordable and reliable connectivity to ensure those facing financial difficulty can get online.


Building on the many measures we already have in place, we have provided our vulnerable customers with unlimited minutes and a monthly 10GB data boost and have ensured any issues are prioritised by our customer service teams. Also vulnerable customers on our Essential Broadband and Talk Protected packages have not had their prices changed.


Assistance with payments

If you have payment concerns or are worried about your bill, we’re here to help. We speak to individual vulnerable customers to offer support where it’s needed and discuss other ways to pay, which could include providing a customer a few extra days to pay their bill, reviewing their package or creating a payment plan with us. Anyone struggling to pay should get in touch and we’ll try to find ways to support them.


Finding the best tariff

Now more than ever, it’s essential to find the best deal for your mobile, broadband or TV service. We write to everyone at the end of their contract letting them know what they’re paying and providing information about deals available to them.


For customers who chose to remain out of contract, every year we remind them they are out of contract and send them our best deals, helping them to get the most out of their contract while staying connected.


Handy tools at no extra cost

We’ve got plenty of ways to improve your connected life available to customers at no extra cost. Free Virgin Media WiFi Calling is now available, giving you a great way to make calls and send texts in more places on your mobile. Enable WiFi Calling, and you can keep chatting even in a spot with no mobile signal.


Web Safe helps protect you against malware and viruses, while Child Safe helps block sites that are unsuitable for children and – and both are available at no extra cost to Virgin Fibre customers.


Virgin Mobile lets you add a spending cap as a safety buffer to ensure you don’t exceed your budget, and the My Virgin Media app allows easy monitoring of your monthly usage, letting you control your spending cap and manage your Family Plan.


With Virgin Mobile’s Pay Monthly mobile phone contracts, you have the flexibility to change minutes & data up or down in your mobile plan each month, and you can keep your unused data to enjoy next month with Data Rollover. And with Virgin Mobile there are never any upfront costs when you buy a new phone – no matter what phone you choose.


Helping to connect communities

We’re doing what we can to help the millions who lack access to connectivity. Virgin Media O2 launched the first ever National Databank to tackle data poverty by providing free mobile data to people in need. This was launched in 2021 with 7.5 million GB of O2 mobile data to help over 200,000 people get connected by the end of 2023, and run via the Good Things Foundation’s network of 5,000 community organisations.


There’s also Community Calling, which was launched in July 2020 to help connect vulnerable people during the Covid-19 pandemic. The programme has distributed thousands of refurbished devices to those in need, offering a lifeline to the disconnected – and its work is still ongoing. In 2022, it is rehoming 2,500 used smartphones via the charities Migrant Help and Women’s Aid.


Virgin Media is also helping disadvantaged children to get access to home schooling by providing laptops and tablets with free internet connection.


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