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It can be a little difficult to understand what all the different charges on your mobile bill mean. That’s why we’ve created this guide to all things billing on Virgin Mobile. Learn how your monthly Virgin Mobile bill works right here.

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How does Virgin Mobile billing work

When you join Virgin Mobile, you’ll receive your first bill a few days after your Pay Monthly service starts. This will cover the cost of your plan for the first month, along with any upfront costs.

After this, you’ll be billed monthly, with your bill being created on the same date each month*. On each bill, you’ll be asked to pay for the cost of your plan for the next month in advance. However, any additional charges you see on your bill, such as out-of-bundle charges or roaming, will be from the month just ended.

So, in short, you’ll pay the monthly cost of your plan one month in advance, but you’ll only pay for the extras you’ve used.

*Unless you’re billed on 31st, in which case you’ll be billed on the last day of the month.

When is my bill date

You can find your bill date by logging in to Your Account and viewing My bill. You’ll see the bill date alongside the Total amount.

How is my first bill calculated?

You'll get your first bill a few days after your Pay Monthly service starts. In your first bill, you’ll find your first monthly charge, along with any upfront costs and payments.

Virgin Mobile bill breakdown

Now, let’s do a breakdown of everything on your bill by going through the bill summary. You can find your bill summary in Your Account.

Each bill summary will show the following:

Bill date

The bill date will always be the last day of your billing period and you will be changed for all the out of allowance usage up until that date

Direct Debit date

This shows the date we’ll take the Direct Debit payment from your account to pay your bill. We’ll usually take payment on the same date each month. However, if your usual Direct Debit dates falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, we’ll move the date to the next working day.

Billing period

Your bill will show your out of allowance charges for the billing period running from the day following your last bill date to this bill date. It will always start on the same day of the month (although if you are normally billed on a date that doesn’t occur every month – 29th, 30th or 31st – we will bill you on the last day of shorter months)

Your mobile number

This shows which mobile phone sim you’re being charged for – in case you have more than one.

Your tariff

This shows the name of the mobile plan you’re signed up to.

Your allowance

This shows how many inclusive texts, minutes and how much mobile data you get each month as part of your plan.

Your tariff price

This shows how much you’ll be charged each month for your plan – not including any usage that falls outside of your allowance.

Contract term

This shows the length of your minimum period, and when it runs until. If you want to cancel your plan before the end of your minimum period, you may need to pay a cancellation fee.

What are Virgin Mobile usage charges?

Usage charges are any charges for calls, texts or mobile data that fall outside of your plan and inclusive monthly allowance. These will be charged at our standard rates.

How is my final Virgin Mobile bill calculated

If you request a cancellation of your contract with us, we’ll send you at least two bills on your normal bill date:

  • The next bill after you let us know you want to cancel will show any early disconnection fees you may have.
  • The bill before your agreed cancellation date will show a pro-rata monthly charge for the partial month up until the agreed cancellation date.
  • The bill after your cancellation is complete will show any usage up until the cancellation date, including any charges for that usage if it wasn’t covered by your allowance.
  • Don’t worry if you have any credit remaining on your account, it’ll all be refunded to you within 14 days of your last bill. If you would prefer to move the credit to another of your Pay Monthly mobiles then please get in touch within 5 days of receiving your last bill.

Mobile billing FAQs

Need more help with your Virgin Mobile bill? Check out our Virgin Mobile FAQs page.

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