How to choose the best browser for Android in 2022

When you’re busy and want to look things up on your Android phone, it’s worth having a whip smart browser. We’ll show some of the best to help you customise and find every page you need.

What are the best browsers for Android devices?

We almost take our smartphone browsers for granted, especially when searching for something during a hectic day out or at home. They are just there and they are all the same, aren’t they? Not always.

Whether you are using Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox or another one, web browsers all have their good and bad points; these factors affect important things like your web security and how your data is managed – even more crucial on a device that’s easily lost or stolen. So you might not always want to go with the Android browser that was in the box when you first bought your phone.

It’s worth having a good look at alternatives, to see what their upsides might be. Let’s take you through some of the best on the market.

Let's review 9 of the top browsers for Android

Choosing the best Android browser for you

For most people the best browser will be the one works and that comes pre-packaged with their Android phone. If you have no worries about data and the whole Google set-up, then Google Chrome does a variety of jobs, very well. However, if you don’t use Chrome on any of your computers, you may find it better and more productive to match a browser you use on your desktop (or laptop) to a mobile app version.

Also, if you have any concerns about internet security on your Android phone, you may want to look at browsers that are strong with ad blocking and other privacy features we’ve talked about. As ever, the answer is probably in finding out a little bit more and then choosing what’s important to you and what makes your digital life that little bit easier.


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