The best browser for a Mac

When you’re getting things done on your Mac, you’ll want to use one of the best internet browsers; to help you read, download and generally ramp up your productivity online.

Everything you need to know about web browsers

You will be reading these words on this web page using some form of web browser. There is always more to know, master and find out for this essential tool; depending on what devices you use and what your skills and interests are.

Getting the best browser for macOS

You have a shiny MacBook or iMac sitting staring at you and you need to get online pronto: so what is the best browser to use? Naturally, you can always lean on the Safari option, as that comes pre-loaded, as Apple’s browser. Safari is a good browser, as we will see, but other choices will offer you a variety of features, such as download managers and other handy tools. If you want to try something different and find out what looks and works best on your Mac, the best thing to do is firstly have a read of this guide, then download a new browser and try it for size.

What is the best alternative to Safari on a Mac?

The best choice if you want to try something different to Safari on your Mac will come down to personal preference. That said, you won’t go far wrong with Edge Chromium, Opera or Chrome – if you are happy to be part of the Google eco-system. As Google Chrome is so popular it is worth looking at a head-to-head with Safari.

Safari versus Chrome

As we’ve seen, Safari is Apple’s default Mac browser and Chrome is the most popular web- slinger around. There is a case to be made for sticking with Safari, here are some reasons why.

  1. Chrome drains your MacBook battery. This is a known issue. We don’t need to say much more here.
  2. Google is watching you. Simply put, Google’s revenue model is based on ads, and while that is a thorny subject it is clear that data collection, based on your web movements and preferences is baked into Google Chrome. Safari does not have the same issue.
  3. There is no Chrome support for systems older than Yosemite
  4. If your MacBook runs an OS older than Yosemite, Chrome won’t work. You could update your Mac but this might not be ideal just to update your browser.
  5. Safari just works better with Apple stuff.
  6. Your passwords will be managed better when linking with Safari, using iCloud. The same goes for your Bookmarks, as iOS links work seamlessly with Safari, and Safari only.
  7. Safari is just surprisingly good to use.
  8. Recent versions of Safari are sleek, fast and easy. Even though it is the vanilla option in a world where people like to customise everything, if you go back to it you might find it has everything you need.

How to change your default browser on a Mac

First up, make sure your new choice of browser is installed. Choose the Apple menu (fruit symbol), then System Preferences, then select General. Select your web browser from the Default web browser menu and off you go.


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