Choosing the best browser for Windows 10

Before you make a decision about what browser to install, take a look at what works best for Windows 10…

The 7 best web browsers at a glance

When you’re online on your Windows 10 device these browsers will help make the internet safer and more enjoyable.

Installing a new browser is free and easy, and it’s an opportunity to tighten up your security, better protect your identity and perfect the look and feel of your set up. But which should you choose? With all the best features, some new and improved, these are the strongest contenders.

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The fastest web browser for Windows 10

Chrome’s got everyone beat on desktop. By pre-downloading content on your PC or laptop, it’s able to load web pages faster – which explains why it’s so greedy for memory on your device, compared to the rest of the Windows 10 browsers.

Chrome’s so fast that most browsers are now borrowing its code – Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi and more are quicker because they’re running on Chromium, which means you can use Google Chrome add-ons with these web browsers too. Though they need less memory than Google Chrome.

But for your mobile, Mozilla Firefox is slightly faster and more efficient when you have several open tabs. Opera Turbo compresses images and internet data to load faster on your mobile, but it’s not quite enough to catch up.

Best browser for security and privacy

If it’s a toss-up between the two most popular browsers, Mozilla Firefox is arguably safer and more focused on privacy than Google Chrome. Even social media networks like Facebook will find it harder to get your information, while trackers and cryptocurrency miners are beaten off with Content Blocking, and there’s phishing and malware protection and antivirus software included.

If it’s your passwords you’re most worried about, create new, more complicated ones with Lockwise – Mozilla Firefox’s password management service will even sync these with your other Windows 10 devices, which it’s getting even better at. Elsewhere, the Protection Dashboard will summarise for you how Mozilla Firefox has protected your privacy, and you can be alerted if a data breach has put your email address at risk and block allow-notification pop-ups.

Alternatively, Opera is the only browser with a built-in VPN that can hide your browsing from Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and third parties on the sites you’re visiting. For the same protection on Firefox, you’d have to pay. Both browsers offer crypto-mining protection.

Ultimately, all 8 web browsers mentioned offer good security and privacy features. Most of us could choose any and not feel too much at risk. Each will delete your browsing history, internet files and cookies, when you’ve finished your incognito or private session, for example. Chrome, Safari, Vivaldi, Opera and Firefox all use Google’s Safe Browsing API to spot dangerous websites. Meanwhile, Mozilla and Opera are constantly updating their security.


Bottom line: What’s the best browser for Windows 10?

For speed and security, you really can’t go wrong with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. But when it comes to personalising your browser and organising your tabs, Vivaldi’s unbeatable for Windows 10 – if you have fewer than 5 open, stacking could be a time and sanity-saving feature.

Before you make your decision, also find out how well your new browser can sync and connect all your devices together. Unless you enjoy emailing links to yourself, losing your place on an article, and forgetting passwords for websites, you’ll want to use the same browser on your laptop, phone and tablet, so they can share your bookmarks, browsing history, encrypted passwords and more details.

Sign into Microsoft Edge, for example, and you’ll have an easy way to share websites to any of your Windows 10 devices. The browser can sync your data across your devices, while supporting Microsoft 356 and your free Hotmail Live account. Meanwhile on the Mozilla Firefox mobile app, you can be reading a webpage on your desktop PC and have it open on your Windows 10 mobile or the other way around. Forever unique, you can connect the Opera Touch app to your desktop by scanning a QR code, and use My Flow to send your notes and web pages from device to device.

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