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With weight tracking, heart monitoring, personalised workout programmes and so much more, there’s no better tool to get active with than Samsung Health!

By Virgin TV Edit

Whether it’s a treadmill, the pavements or an “Olympic-esque” paddling pool you utilise to stay in shape, keeping active just got a whole lot easier with the handy Samsung Health app!


Through the tap of a screen you can get tracking your fitness, weight, heart rate, food, sleep and so much more. It’s a perfect companion for when you’re feeling those gym-less blues, too.

Each and every variable can be customised and tailored specifically to your workout and exercise needs, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your wellness, which syncs with other fitness equipment and applications.


Oh, and did we mention it can even provide you with some handy, at times much-needed mindfulness exercises? Indeed it can. Meaning this handy little app can just about do it all.


Luckily, too, the app comes pre-installed on all Samsung devices from the S8 up (provided they run on android 6.0), so it’ll always be on hand for you to track your progress or even update it with a new PB!


Or, if you’re currently without a Samsung device and fancy nabbing yourself one in one of Virgin Mobile’s jaw-dropping dealios, click on through to the Virgin deals page here and bag yourself a bargain.


In doing so, not only will you then be able to get to grips with the pure awesomeness of the aforementioned Samsung Health app, but you’ll also be able to enjoy it via your brand spanking new device.

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