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Lesson up and follow our step-by-step guide to earn top marks in Google Classroom, the online schooling tool designed to help students, teachers and parents

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You might have welcomed a new colleague into your home office recently and we can imagine it’s been a difficult adjustment, but also a positive one in some ways. Yay for having a lunch-break buddy! With schools shut, your children are often now working at the desk right next to you. If you’re worried about straining your broadband’s bandwidth, there’s no need. They can happily type away while you do the same, all without compromising on speed or reliability.


With schooling going virtual, there are some new tools you need to familiarise yourself with. You’ve heard of Google Classroom, but what is it exactly? And should it incite fear? Quite the opposite, in fact. The free Google web service aims to make sharing files between teachers and students a piece of cake, providing an easy way to create, distribute and mark assignments.

Send your student this article so they know how to get started with Google Classroom – and peek over their shoulder so you’re in the know too. Check out our top tips below so school won’t be schooling you, but you’ll be schooling school, or something like that…

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