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If you live in Southampton, Cardiff, Manchester or East Lancashire, you could be one of the first to trial Virgin Media Smart Home with Google Nest. Discover more below

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Stay safe and stay connected with our Smart Home bundles, which include Virgin Media’s superfast broadband and a whole range of goodies, including the Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Hello Doorbell, customer support and expert installation.


The Google Nest is a device that responds to voice commands so you can interact with services through Google Assistant, the company’s virtual assistant that’s a one-stop-shop to take care of anything and everything you need.

Put on your best voice and memorise these nine Google commands…

1. OK, Google

Let’s start off with the easiest of commands, which is what essentially “wakes up” your device. You can use one of three greetings: “OK, Google,” “Hey, Google,” or, weirdly, “OK, Boo Boo.” We know which one we want to try first!

2. OK, Google, can you repeat that more slowly?

This nifty little command makes Google repeat what it just said, only s-l-o-w-e-r, so you can take all that info into your noggin with no problem.

3. OK, Google, broadcast [message]

If you have more than one Google Nest in your home, you can use them as your own PA. The message will play on all connected devices, except the one you’re broadcasting from. As well as “broadcast,” the commands “shout,” “tell everyone” and “announce” also work. The possibilities are endless!


Google also has pre-set broadcasts that can be played with sound effects, including a rooster crowing or a dinner bell. Pre-set broadcast will play on all connected Google devices, including the one you’re broadcasting from. A few examples are: “OK, Google, time for bed,” “OK, Google, the show is about to start” or “OK, Google, dinner is served.”

4. OK, Google, tell me something good

While Google can give you a rundown of the latest news, it doesn’t always leave you with a spring in your step for the rest of the day. When you want to hear some good news, like firemen saving a kitten from a tree and the like, you’ll be told some snippets that give you the warm and fuzzies that double up as cool fun facts to tell your friends.


5. OK, Google, show me my front door

The Google Nest Hub controls the Google Nest Hello Doorbell so you can see who’s at your door with live streamed video and sound – ah, the beauty of technology! You can even set up the Google Nest Hello Doorbell to chime like a doorbell and announce: “Someone is at the front door.” Whether it’s that package you’ve been waiting for for ages, or an unexpected visit from the in-laws, Google won’t judge whether you actually open the door or not.


6. OK, Google, help me relax

Google Nest has its own library of ambient tracks when you’re looking for the perfect background noise to sleep, meditate or relax. Say “OK, Google, play ambient noise” for a random selection, or ask for specific sounds, including: relaxing sounds, nature sounds, water sounds, running water sounds, babbling brook sounds, oscillating fan sounds, fireplace sounds, forest sounds, country night sounds, ocean sounds, rain sounds, river sounds, thunderstorm sounds and white noise. 


You can also set a sleep timer using the music by saying, “OK, Google, play [sound] for [duration]” or “OK, Google, stop playing [sound] in [duration].” You can also say, “OK, Google, play [sound] until [time],” or “OK, Google, stop playing [sound] at [time].”

7. OK, Google, call [phone number]

“OK, Google, call [company name]” also works. Easy-peasy! As of 2020, you can add contacts to speed dial. If you ask, “Do I have any messages?”, Google will read your unread messages to you. It can also read SMS-enabled messages from Facebook Messenger and Hangouts if you have a compatible device. If you say, “Show me your messages,” you’ll see any unread texts.

8. OK, Google, find a recipe for [dish]

Google will search websites like to find a recipe for anything you’d like to make. Next, just say, “OK, Google, start recipe” and Google will read the step-by-step recipe aloud, so you can start cooking – or baking – without getting flour or sauce on your device’s screen!


You can ask Google to proceed to the next step (“OK, Google, next step”), repeat a step (“OK, Google, repeat step”) or read a different step (“OK, Google, what’s step [number]?”). Google can also set timers, check timers, perform unit conversions, find calorie and nutrition information and recommend substitutions (“OK, Google, what can I use instead of butter?”).

9. OK, Google, play [trivia game]

Bored? Well, there are loads of fun game options that should keep you busy for a while, like the Star Wars Trivia ChallengeMarvel Movie QuizAnimal TriviaSpace TriviaTricky Mind Trivia and TriviaCrack.


Find out more information about Virgin Media Smart Home here. If you live in Southampton, Cardiff, Manchester or East Lancashire, register your interest in Virgin Media Smart Home with Google Nest here and we’ll enter you into a draw to win a 32” Samsung HD TV worth £199.

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