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Virgin Media is a proud founding member of Internet Matters – a tool designed to help adults keep children (aged 0-14+) safe online

Internet Matters

While the world wide web has revolutionised and simplified the way we do things, it can be a place of uncertainty, especially for the young people navigating it. Help put your mind at ease with Internet Matters – a tool that provides simple solutions to problems children and teens might face online, plus tips, advice and information about how to avoid them.


Whether you’re a parent, a family member, a teacher, a friend or a childminder, being armed with the right advice will put you well ahead of the game when it comes to online safety. Internet Matters provides guides for children of all ages, from their early years and toddling days (they’re bound to reach for a device sooner or later!) through to their teens.

Cyberbullying, inappropriate content, breaches of privacy and identity theft are just some of the issues young people might encounter online. Fortunately, Internet Matters is home to a multitude of information that can help you to safeguard against such issues. Find out more on the Internet Matters advice hubs here.


Not only does Internet Matters cover e-safety, it’s also a one-stop shop for related technology content, such as information on how to set up a child’s mobile phone for the first time and use parental control features in the most effective way possible.


With Internet Matters, learning more about the potential pitfalls children might encounter online – and discovering how best to fix and avoid them – is easy. And greater awareness means less time spent worrying, and more browsing and streaming (and working on homework!).


All your e-safety info is just a click away. Be sure to bookmark the Internet Matters page to help ensure you stay up to date on all of the latest advice. Whatever your internet scenario, you’ll always be prepared!

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