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Help to declutter your devices, improve their battery life and protect your personal information with F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE

You spring clean your wardrobe, your house and maybe even your sock drawer – but what about your devices? Over time, they too amass clutter, and a little sprucing up goes a long way.


Here are some simple tips from F-Secure on how to free your devices from the information and junk holding them back – plus find out how you can help ensure you stay safe online with F-Secure SAFE.


Ready? Then get your swiping finger primed, and prepare to breathe new life into your device!

Take out the rubbish

We’ve all had the “running low on space” notification at one point or another, and if we’re honest, it’s probably partly to do with all those selfies we’ve been storing. In order to avoid that dreaded pop-up message and give you peace of mind, it’s probably a good idea to identify the things that are taking up the most space on your device and get rid of them (sub-par selfies, we’re looking at you).


Take inspiration from organisation aficionado Marie Kondo’s “does it spark joy?” philosophy – check your device’s settings to reveal the space taken up by apps, videos, photos and documents, and delete anything non-critical that you haven’t used or revisited over the past six to 12 months. Your device will thank you.


If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye, you can upload your files to a cloud-based storage solution and then delete them from your device. Out of sight, out of mind.


Make your devices faster and more efficient

On long commutes, there’s nothing better than watching top content on your device to pass the time. But have you noticed your battery life dwindling? Does the video you’re watching keep stopping to buffer? Don’t even get us started on booting up or rebooting our devices – we’ve usually reached our destination by then!


Background processes and apps, outdated software, unecessary temporary files – all these could be slowing your device down. A free optimisation product can help you tune up your device, enabling it to perform better and run faster.


Safety first!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to securing your devices. With F-Secure SAFE, the hard work is done for you. It scans every app you download, flags potentially harmful websites and blocks malicious content from your SAFE browser. It’s a fantastic way to stay protected after your epic spring clean.


Extend battery life

Unnecessary apps and processes running in the background are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to a fast-draining battery. Close them down for a quick and easy fix. You can also turn off your device’s Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities when you don’t need them, which is helpful both in terms of battery life and device security. Double win!


Find out more about F-Secure SAFE

To help keep you and your family safe online, all Virgin Media customers can get F-Secure SAFE and protect up to five of the family’s smartphones, tablets or computers. It’s free for the first 12 months (normal RRP is £79.99) and there’s no upfront commitment – credit card details are taken at the end of the free period. After that, it’s just £25 per year. To get protected, simply register here, then install F-Secure SAFE on all your devices.

F-Secure Virgin Media Customer Offer: Registration and installation required. The 12 months free period is only available once per Virgin Media customer. Not available on BlackBerry Operating System. Current retail price £79.99. Up to 5 devices.