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If you’re new to the app or just want a refresher on everything it has to offer, take a walk (or a run, or a ride) on the wild side with our step-by-step guide to Strava

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Anyone who already uses the Strava activity tracker LOVES it. Just mention the name to some of your friends and they will happily tell you just how much, but it’s worth the hype. If we could, we’d give it a big gold medal. It allows you to elevate your running or cycling by logging your progress, distance, time and your routes. You can also share all your hard work with fellow fitness fanatics, who provide “kudos” for impressive efforts.


Segments, user-generated sections of a route, are used to create a leader board of the fastest riders, with a King of the Mountain or Queen of the Mountain award given to individuals with the fastest times. We know you have it in you to become fitness royalty, so “take a walk” or “get on your bike” – and we mean that in the most literal, nicest way possible. Allow us to introduce you to your new workout buddy, Strava.

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