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Our new and improved troubleshooting tool can diagnose the problem if your TV service stops working as normal

By Virgin TV Edit

As we head towards Christmas, your time is even more of a precious commodity. Plus the best shows are always on at this time of year! Nobody wants to be faced with a blank screen. 


But now it’s even easier to get you back watching the TV you love, thanks to our new and improved troubleshooting tool. This time-saving online feature can diagnose your TV Box faults remotely and show you how to fix it, faster than calling for assistance.


Try our TV troubleshooting tool now


It’ll also be able to tell you if there are any issues with your account, if there is an issue with the TV or broadband service in your area or if there is a problem with the TV Box itself. All in one super nifty tool. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for your telly.


Head to our help section now to use our troubleshooting tool and log in with your postcode and the last name of the account holder to start the checks immediately.


Try our TV troubleshooting tool now

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