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What shaped the music that shaped you? Virgin Media has teamed up with Spotify to reveal the influences behind the songs and artists you love

By Virgin TV Edit

Music is ever-evolving, and the tracks you can’t live without have inspired, and taken inspiration from, places you might never have imagined.


After all, there’d be no trip hop without hip hop. And no hip hop without bebop. 


If you’ve seen our recent TV ad or entered our awesome Summer Jams competition, you’ll know that Virgin Media loves cranking things up to 11. Now, we’ve collaborated with Spotify to make discovering the influences of your favourite music easier – and faster – than ever before.


Simply follow this link, type in the name of that song you really love, hit the discover button, and you’ll be shown a map of tracks that share similar musical DNA, from the past, present and future.


But the journey doesn’t end there. You can also turn those songs into a Spotify playlist and even share it on social media. Because everyone deserves to know how good your taste in music is.


Hip hop? Rock? Techno? Whatever you’re into, let Virgin Media and Spotify help you find what’s influenced your music – and the impact your music has had on other artists – fast.

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