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Virgin TV V6 update




We’re always looking for ways to make your Virgin TV experience as speedy and simple as possible

Check out your Virgin TV updates

We’ve made some new updates to your Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo®, that will make life that little bit better.


Because it’s now even easier and quicker for you to watch your favourite shows. Whether you want a cheeky half hour of something before bed, or you’ve fallen behind on the new drama that everyone is talking about and need to catch up quick, these updates will sort you right out.


Read on to find out the handy hacks…


1. Switch to HD

We not only want your TV viewing experience to be as efficient as possible. We want it to be as high quality as possible. So if you are watching a channel in standard definition, but there is a high definition alternative, we’ll ask you if you want to switch over. Easy-peasy!


2. Next Episode please

There are few things more annoying than an epic Box Set session being interrupted. So with this feature, when an episode of a show finishes in On Demand, your Virgin TV box will ask if you want to carry on to the next episode and you won’t have to faff around going back to the main menu.


3. Quick View

For when you are really up against it, and need to know who has recoupled on Love Island before the internet ruins it for you, get involved with Quick View. You can watch recordings at an increased speed, therefore reducing their running time. It works by speeding up recordings without affecting the sound quality, reducing its total run time. So you can make it through a 30-minute programme in just 20 minutes.


Want to know how to get even more from your clever box? Check out our Telly Hacks here.

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