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Early Disconnection Fees – Classic contracts

Early disconnection fee - what will I be charged?

Please note: as of July 2019 we no longer require a 30 day notice period in the event you switch to a new provider using a PAC or STAC

As part of a Classic contract with Virgin Mobile, you agree that you’ll continue with your chosen Mobile service for a minimum period of 24 months.

If you decide to end part or all of your services with Virgin Mobile during the minimum period, then we’ll usually charge you an Early Disconnection Fee instead of the remaining payments for your minimum period for your services. You will still have to pay your full monthly charge during your 30 day notice period as we will continue to provide you with the service for the period of your notice.

The Early Disconnection Fee will not be more than the charges you would have paid for the services for the remainder of the minimum period less any costs we save, including the cost of no longer providing you with the services. 

How much is my Early Disconnection Fee?

If your contract means you’re charged an Early Disconnection Fee, how much you’ll be charged depends on what services you have, and how much of your minimum period remains for your service.  We will provide you with your exact Early Disconnection Fee that would be charged if you contact us to cancel your contract. However, we can provide some guidance to give you an idea of the amount that would be charged:

An Early Disconnection Fee will be approximately 39% of your monthly plan cost multiplied by the number of months you have left on your contract, after your 30 day notice period. This is calculated as follows:

Early Disconnection Fee = (Monthly Charge – Monthly Discount1) * Remaining Months * 39%2


A customer has a 24 month Classic contract costing them £20 per month, with a monthly discount of £5.  They are in the 18th month of their contract and have 6 months left until their minimum term ends.

This customer requests to disconnect, they will pay their normal monthly charge of £15 for their 30 day notice period, plus following Early Disconnection Fee:

= (£20 - £5) * 5 * 39%

= £29.25

Giving a total of £44.25

Monthly Discounts will be taken off, if applicable.

2 The % multiplier for the Early Disconnection Fee is subject to variable factors such as usage.  It will be reviewed on a quarterly basis, and it may be subject to fluctuation to reflect changes in our costs.