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Terms and Conditions – Family Plans

Available from 19/08/2019


1.      In order to benefit from our Family Plans you must have an active Virgin Media Broadband or Cable service, as well as a Virgin Media Pay Monthly SIM on a compatible tariff.

2.      All numbers you wish to be part of a Family Plan need to belong to the same Pay Monthly account. All numbers need to be on a SIM Only or Freestyle Plan with a minimum of 1GB data in order to be eligible for Family Plan discount. A full list of eligible tariffs can be found here.

3.      For each additional Pay Monthly SIM you add to this account, you will receive a £2 monthly discount on up to 4 individual mobile numbers. This will result in a total maximum monthly discount of £8.

4.      Each SIM added to a Family Plan will benefit from unlimited calls to all other numbers that form part of the Family Plan.

5.      If you cancel your Virgin Media Broadband or Cable service, your account will become ineligible for Family Plans and all discounts will be removed.

6.      If you cancel one or more of the Pay Monthly SIMS associated with your family plan, the discount associated with that individual number (£2 per SIM) will be removed.

7.      All Pay Monthly SIMS that form part of the Family Plan will be subject to our normal Pay Monthly terms and conditions which can be found here.

8.      You are able to add handsets in addition to your Family Plan, however this will be a separate arrangement with separate contractual terms. Any change to your Family Plan account will not affect your Freestyle agreement.